“When my wife and I arrived in the United States from South Africa in 2001, we found 2 things sorely lacking in our new home.  One was family, the other was Biltong.  We set about rectifying both.  We have 5 beautiful children(family problem solved) who all grew up helping us build an amazing Biltong business.   Our goal was always to have every single American try biltong, because we knew if they did, they would be hooked.  It started small, in the kitchen a home, and then migrated to the garage(The American Dream to start a business in our garage had been achieved).  We moved into a small rented space in 2009 and achieved USDA certification soon thereafter.  Growth in the little business after that was, so rapid that I soon quit my day job to follow my dream of sharing and selling biltong to every person in the USA.

Our recipes come from my wife’s family’s  traditional way of making biltong.  Both our families trace our lineage back 400 years to Voortrekker and Huguenot families that were forced to preserve meat with what they had on hand, in a time when refrigeration did not exist.  They used the vinegar that was in abundant supply from wine farms in the Cape as well as the spices that were traveling to Europe from India via the port Cape Town.  The result was a healthy, clean, protein snack that maintained the delicious meat flavors while infused with spices from the east.”


-Warren Pala
Founder, Biltong Maker, Dad