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The only placeto go for Boerewors

Our Boerewors uses only all natural ingredients, we do not add preservatives, MSG, flavorants or colorants, no Nitrates or fillers, it's just plain old boerewors in the Grabouw style tradition. Thick casings(hog) are stuffed with 60% Lean Beef, 40% Pork, and our secret spices, developed over years of testing and perfecting. Shop now!

Exquisite Spicesand Seasonings on our Biltong

Biltong is a delicious cured meat with its origins in Southern Africa. At Braaitime we endeavor to create the most perfectly crafted biltong ever made. We take the finest beef in the USA, gently cure it in a secret brine and spice mixture, and then hang the beef in our climate controlled drying room, set to a cool dry temperature at all times.Shop now!

The Very BestDroëwors at Braaitime

Our droewors is so tasty and authentic you'll think you are at the local butcher in Parys. We use an original 100% beef, thin Lamb casing recipe. Shop now!

Biltong Boxes

When you buy one of our biltong boxes you know you are getting the best. The outer shell is constructed from an exotic hardwood found only in the upper reaches of the Umzwoantuo Delta in Chad.Shop now!

Potjie Pots

These are brand new Cauldron style Dutch Ovens. Also known in South Africa as a Potjie Pot. “Best Duty” brand are the absolute best quality cast iron pot makers in the world..Shop now!

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