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Sliced Biltong - 1lb


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    Sliced Biltong - 1lb package

    I've been a monthly subscriber for almost two years. In that time, the product including packaging and shipping have significantly improved (and I enjoyed everything in the beginning.) On very rare occasions, this product is 5-10% "shavings" versus strips. The supplier immediately notices, and the one time this happened recently, I received another shipment at no cost. I have yet to open this month's shipment, but it appears 100% strips. The new self-sealing envelopes help maintain the freshness. Love it!

    Posted by Greg Tutunjian on Feb 22nd 2020

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    I want to request the one Pound Biltong in one peace to be put back on the shelve please

    Posted by Hans Geider on Jan 11th 2020

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    Braaitime sliced biltong - traditional

    It's tough trying to get real biltong in the USA, considering it doesn't come cheap. I have found that place! Braaitime! And their traditional sliced biltong is just right - dry, salty without being overly done, and not too spicy. Only one problem. It's tough not to go through a full bag at one time.

    Posted by Martin W on Jan 6th 2020

  • 5

    Lekker Good mon

    Posted by Celia Stevens on Dec 9th 2019

  • 4

    Biltong is of a very high standard but I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars simply because I do not like coriander. I know it is traditional to use coriander but because I do not like it, the biltong is not my favorite. Also do not like the fact that it contains no fat and again, I understand that I’m on the wrong side of the market but that is my opinion. I’d also leave it one more day to dry before I cut it. It’s just, just to soft for me not by much but I can give it 5 stars.

    Posted by Gerhard on Dec 8th 2019

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    Traditional sliced biltong

    Ordered the traditional sliced biltong and love it. The order arrived quickly and is sliced nice and thin. Will try other flavors soon.

    Posted by Julie Oosthuysen on Nov 19th 2019

  • 5

    I love your biltong but really miss the chunks rather than thin sliced. Please bring back the chunks!

    Posted by Maureen Fialkov on Oct 30th 2019

  • 4
    We love it but I personally would like a little more salt!!!

    Fabulous service!

    Posted by [email protected] on Oct 29th 2019

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    Biltong too dry

    Very good biltong, but too dry for my taste.

    Posted by Frank Verstraete on Sep 30th 2019



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