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Biltong is 100% Beef. The best comparison for it, is that it is very similar to Proscuitto, but instead of cured Pork it is cured Beef The Spicing is unique also. The word BILTONG is derived from the words "BIL" (BUTTOCK) or meat and 'TONG" or strip. So it is just a strip of cured meat. In this case Beef. BILTONG as we know this delicacy today, is a rich inheritance from pioneering South African forefathers who sun dried meat during their trek across the African Subcontinent. The basic spicing is a dramatic blend of vinegar, salt, coriander and other spices. These were in abundance in the then Cape Colony, as the French Hugenots produced wine and vinegar from their grape crops and the colony was the halfway stop for seafarers plying the spice routes of the East. Various brine recipes and marinades were created and handed down for generations!


Biltong: is best stored in a cool dry place. If you purchase an unsliced stick from us, that stick can last in an airy, non-humid environment for literally weeks to months(an airconditioned room is perfect). The meat itself will get progressively dryer over time but will still be delicious, nutritious and untainted. Once it has been sliced up, the slices will dry a lot faster. To prevent drying out too much you can place in an airtight bag in the refridgerator. If you wish to keep the sliced biltong out of the fridge it is important to remember that the brown paper bags supplied would be the best way, as they allow the biltong to 'breath'. The sliced biltong will continue to dry out in the brown bags but if kept in a plastic bag and not in the fridge, mold would develop on the biltong and result in having to throw out the lot. All in all, this delicious snack was originally developed to be able to safely cure and keep meat safely for months out in the open, so as long as it is stored right the biltong can last you as long as you like. But in all truth, who keeps it longer than a few is all eaten too fast because it is so delicious.

Droewors: is best kept in the brown bags supplied in the fridge or a cool dry place. Humidity is the enemy here, so just keep it cool and dry.
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