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  1. Father's Day Gift (6oz) - FREE SHIPPING

    Father's Day Gift (6oz) - FREE SHIPPING

    For a limited time this Father's Day we will be selling droewors holders, a perfect spot for Dad to stash his droewors before the family steals it. Think of it like a droewors travel case. We cram them with 6oz of the best, award winning droewors. You can also leave a gift message, and we will include it in the package! Long after the droewors is finished, this versatile case can be used by Dad to carry anything from sunglasses to screws. This package comes with a limited edition Father's Day container and 6oz of traditional droewors. Learn More
  2. 12 month subscription of 16oz Droëwors

    12 month subscription of 16oz Droëwors

    Subscription purchase MUST BE STANDALONE. you cannot have other items in your CART. Once you have done the subscription purchase you need to purchase anything else separately like normal. For whatever reason the system will not allow multiple items to be purchased with a subscription. You have to use the Paypal payment button to purchase subscription, you can then enter your Credit Card details into the secure Paypal site when it prompts in order to pay. Those are the breaks, if you want to subscribe. Thanks At Braaitime our droewors is so tasty and authentic you'll think you are at the local butcher in Parys. We use an original 100% beef, thin casing recipe. The droewors is sent in 1lbs vacuum sealed packs as 4 inch "sticks". We use all natural ingredients in our wors. No filler , no MSG, no funny business, just the way the Voortrekkers did it. Talk to us about wholesale supplies. Learn More

2 Item(s)

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