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We are a family owned and operated business. We sell South African style gourmet cured meats and other South African products here in the USA. All our products come with a money back guarantee.  We have been making biltong and growing our business in the USA for 12 years now.  The product goes from strength to strength as our quality wins through and the customers come back for more.

No Biltong Jerky Here Folks

It’s true, we at Braaitime endeavor to make the most authentic, traditional, just like your favorite local butcher used to make it, biltong. Most importantly it NEVER requires cooking, ever, as we all know REAL biltong is never cooked and that’s one of the key factors that separates it from all the jerky’s out there, along with the use of down to earth, good ol’ fashion, all natural spices (with names you can identify as you probably have them in your spice rack at home).  Our traditional biltong is all natural, no fake or chemical preservatives ever, zero sugar, gluten free, made with the highest quality beef, with a process that is centuries old and handed down from generation to generation.

Last summer we had a competitor of ours instigate a USDA oversight at our plant. After years of producing our ready to eat Bitlong the traditional way the new ruling decided we couldn’t sell our biltong as ready to eat unless it was cooked, like Jerky.  We would have to apply “safe handling” instructions telling the consumer to cook to an internal temperature of 160F! Well, this just would not do! There had to be a way to get around cooking it and we found it. It was not cheap, it was not easy, but we were determined to make biltong the way it is supposed to be made and the way we’ve been making it for generations, the way South Africans have always made it.  We engaged a professional laboratory and underwent an expensive, lengthy Scientific study to prove that our process produces a product, biltong, that is shelf-stable, ready to eat and safe in terms of the USDA requirements, and does not require cooking like Jerky.  We knew South Africans buying biltong would know better than to cook it, but we wanted to make sure that newcomers to the flavor of biltong would not be misled.  We want everyone to experience REAL biltong, and that’s what we’re making for you to enjoy.

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